Steven & Kimberly - Sarah David Photography

Yosemite Bound - An Engagement Session with Steven & Kim

From our first consultation over black coffee at Green Bliss, we hit it off. I knew Kim, growing up with my sisters, but didn't know Steven more than a "hi" here and there. I told them it wouldn't be more than 30 minutes to go over their big day, but we stayed chatting and laughing for over an hour. From engagement to hair to dating, we covered it all. I knew this couple wouldn't sit well with the norm, and I loved it. We talked forests, we talked snow, we talked wardrobe changes and locations. Locations were laid out: 

Realistically - Mt. Baldy

Possibly - Big Bear

Never - Yosemite

Life has a funny way of spinning things, slight changes in schedules and Yosemite became the reality. I had Baldy scouted out to the capital B, planned each stop, and our once desert-to-forest-to-snow itinerary turned into a Yosemite dwelling, lot of yelling "hey stop stop stop, there it is!" or "oh my gosh, what is that!" to *gasp* "amazing".

At the beginning of the trip, our nerves were strung out. We all felt it. I was freaking out  inside, thoughts flying through my doubting head, I didn't scout the location, where's the sun going to be at this time, how long will my batteries actually last in the 30 degree air? Our first few shots proved we all had to relax. Nothing on that beautiful couple, all fault to the bitter cold, let's just say it doesn't help ease stiff shoulders. Who cares, I told them, it's gonna take a few minutes to get used to me up in your grill, in your face and creeping out behind trees while you kiss. We all half laughed and tried it again. I say the cold didn't help, but then again, maybe it did. It gave us only a few minutes at each location to get the shot. So we had a chance to get in the car, thaw out, regroup and find another all too magical scene.

Time flew by, before we knew it, it was 4pm and we were up on the mountain for a full five hours. Besides Kim's toes being border line hypothermic, we were all smiles. We made one more pit stop out of Yosemite as we flew by an old rock foundation, we flipped a U and headed for one last shoot. All I can say is that day ended too soon. It couldn't have gone better with those two, possibly the cutest couple on the planet. Their playful personalities and total love for each other couldn't be more obvious.

In the words of who knows who, "expect the unexpected". We sure did.